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Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern merger: What you need to know

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPRS) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) will join to create the first railroad that provides a single-line connection between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Click here to read a summary of the merger history written by our CEO, Nderim Rudi.

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Shipping by rail vs. truck: Benefits to the shipper (Part II)

Rail transportation offers additional benefits over trucking, including the ability to use railcars as mobile warehouses for storage in transit, efficient movement of large volumes of goods, reduced damage to the interstate highway system, and alleviation of truck driver shortage issues.

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Shipping by rail vs. truck: Benefits to the shipper (Part I)

Rail provides the capacity for large-scale shipping. It is also generally more cost-effective than the truck option. Rail is more environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And it is safer than trucking by many measures.

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Understanding how the railroad pricing manager looks at your business

Customer size and profitability, volume commitments, captive vs competitive business, and tariff rates are some of the factors that play an important role in rate negotiations.

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Introducing Tratics and our rail rate software

Tratics CEO, Nderim Rudi, tells the story of how Tratics software was born.

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