Ship on your terms with Tratics rail rate software
Lowering freight spending for industrial shippers through transparent pricing, rate management and market intelligence.
Rate & Contract Management

Instant contract and tariff rate lookup for any railroad so every member of your organization is on the same page at all times.

Request rail freight quotes from any railroad directly from our platform so you can improve quote request workflows and shorten the response time.

Manage contract level terms such as minimum carload volumes, refunds per carload shipped, or multiyear contracts.

Rule 11 Rates

Rule 11 rates provide the transparency needed to identify the best opportunities for lower rates with each carrier.

Find the lowest cost and shortest route Rule 11 rail rate combinations.

Identify the lowest priced gateways so you can negotiate lower rates with railroads that enforce the use of routing protocols.

Market Intelligence

Intuitive rate benchmarking so you can determine what a rate should be.

Our rail cost model helps you find where your negotiations should focus.

Analyze large bids from all carriers in seconds.

Freight Bill Audit & Payment
(Coming Soon)

Automate rail invoice audit process so you eliminate overcharges.

We generate dispute forms for incorrect invoices that you can submit to the carriers.

Integrate to your ERP and Accounting systems to transfer corrected invoice files so invoices can be processed for payment.

EDI/API Managed Services

Increase automation and gain better visibility between different technologies that don’t usually “talk” to each other.

Our EDI translation service enables connectivity between your transportation partners and your business systems.

We convert EDI files to any format and adopt the output to your system requirements. Our APIs provide a secure way for seamless file transfer to your ERP and other applications.

Custom Solutions

We understand that one solution does not fit all. We work with our clients to tailor solutions that fit their needs.

With one client we created a Sales Module to share real time all-in rail prices with their sales team. This allows them to instantly find the total delivered cost so the sales team can quickly close deals.

For another client, we created a hosted rail rate solution that is maintained and managed on Client servers. This enables the client to have its own branded internal rate system that integrates data from other sources.

Consulting Services

Our team has extensive rail transportation experience from the railroad, shipper, and government perspectives.

Whether you are a shipper, an investor, a government official, or even a railroad, we can help you with the data and analysis needed for your projects.

Some areas we have helped clients with include: creating a model of railroad rates versus truck rates; helping a stakeholder better understand the STB decision making process for railroad acquisitions; providing a new plant sourcing analysis.

Powering rail freight comparison and management for industrial shippers.