Rail Rates at Your Fingertips - Tratics
Competitive rates at your fingertips
Powering freight rate comparison and management for rail shippers in North America.
Intelligent. Powerful Design.
Unrivaled freight rate visibility so your team can make optimal business decisions.
Gain negotiation power with your rail freight supplier with market pricing intelligence.
Reduce the time required to get rate quotes. Rates are instantly visible to your entire team.
The TMS for Industrial Shippers

Tratics is your easy to use, powerful rail TMS system.

Manage rates and contracts. Access all your railroad tariffs. Generate all possible Rule 11 rates. Request and negotiate rate quotes. Analyze railroad quotes against the market.

With Tratics the rail price information that currently takes days to find, confirm and compare, will only take a few clicks.

One platform for your entire team
1. Transportation

Enable your transportation team to negotiate the lowest rates for your freight.
2. Sales

Provide sales with timely, all-in, delivered prices so they can close deals faster.
3. Accounting

Simplify accounting with automated invoice auditing and payment.
Rail Shippers, meet Tratics

Tratics is the only freight rate platform that brings together all the elements of rail rates in a cloud-based platform.

Its application combines rate and contract management, Rule 11 rates, advanced search and query, in-application new rate requests giving shippers the ability to quickly sense and respond to the changes in their supply chain.

Transform your rail logistics with the industry-leading web platform for rail freight shipping.

Free Rail Rate Estimates
The Tratics calculator uses real freight data to calculate instant, all-in freight quotes, including any fuel surcharges. Below are results for free rate calculations provided to other customers. To get your instant rail rate estimate, click here.
For exact rate offers, please contact us.
"Our traders must be combining every possible lane. It’s like picking a 4-digit lock and they hit every single combo. Now you know how glad I am to no longer be searching rates! You truly have a great product and customer service far beyond any other platform, rates or otherwise."
- Director of Transportation, Metals Company
"Managing all the rates and related detail for our clients is essential for the successful operation of our business. We had searched and tested various options but it was Tratics that finally delivered the solution we needed. Tratics is very user-friendly, includes functionality and detail available in no other rate solution, and has become a key resource allowing us to deliver value to our clients."
- President and CEO, Logistics Company
"Your platform saves us time and money. The Tratics rail industry resources and rate information allows us to focus on other pressing business issues. Your platform is easy to use and the customer service has been outstanding."
- Transportation Manager, Plastics Company
"We rely on your platform to compare and analyze rates so we can find the optimal routes via the railroads providing the most value. You have figured out how to make it easier for shippers in an industry where things seem to just get harder and more complicated."
- Logistics Manager, Chemicals Company

Actionable Intelligence

Intuitive rate analysis that enables you to quickly find what the market competitive rates are.

Make sourcing decisions with our Competitor Analysis tool. Decide which plants your product should ship from.

Gain marketplace insights based on previous rates paid by other shippers for similar products.

Powering rail freight comparison and management for industrial shippers.